Pluck - The Harp Musical

23 & 24 Nov 2012, Friday & Saturday
University Cultural Centre Theatre

A FIRST Harp Musical — Come and join us on Pluck’s Adventure as she and her friends journey to a land of fairies and magic!

In a gloomy little town not so far away, a little girl (named “Pluck” eventually) chances upon a Harp and discovers life before the ‘The Great Evil’
took reign. Together with her friends, she plucks up her courage to find
a way to break the Evil Spell.


Katryna Tan

Stage Director:

Gavin Lim

Narrator/Story teller:

Bill Ledbetter

Strings Directors:

Cindy Yan, Natasha Liu

Music Composer:

Eric James Watson

Music Arranger:

Phang Kok Jun, Katryna Tan


Rave Harpers (Singapore)

Guest performers:

Rave String Ensemble (Singapore)
Sri Cempaka Harp Ensemble (Malaysia)
The Music Stage Ensemble (Malaysia)

Rave Harpers

Rave Harpers is Singapore’s leading Harp Ensemble led and directed by Young Artist award winner Katryna Tan. This group was formed in year 2004 and has since performed in various musical events and concerts both locally and and internationally. Rave Harpers have performed in Hong Kong, Malaysia and most recently was invited to perform in France alongside famous ensembles like Berklee University, Boston & University of Philadelphia. The group not only plays a wide range of music genre, but is also well known for breaking new waves in Harp ensemble music, leading the way in new commissioned Asian works. Amongst the repertoire are arrangements by director Ms Katryna and works of renowned composers like Eric Watson, Joyce Koh and Phang Kok Jun.

Organised by HarpFest Commitee:
Katryna Tan, Artistic Director
Rita Sari
Kee Loo

Supported by:

National Arts Council Singapore

Lee Foundation Singapore

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